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How style beats fashion

Hi Updaters!

No better way to start my year than to return to you! And I must say: it’s great being  back. I thought it would be fun to start off with a style post, so sit back and let’s turn up the sassiness in your personal style!

Massimo Dutti a/w 2013

Signature style
Signature style is something that is actually very underestimated by a lot of people. This is quite sad because although you can’t change your genes, what you cán change is the way you wish to present yourself. I for instance have tried so many styles that when I look back sometimes I go: O no I didn’t?! But it’s great to go through a style revolution and to grow and learn as an individual.
My journey started with trying to be like everyone else but never quite being able to live up to their style, my mom would be like “you don’t have to be like all those other kids”, but you don’t really care when all you want is to fit in. So how did I do it? Well when I was about 16 years old I started wearing all black and occasionally combining it with bright colors. I slowly started making the transition to what is my current style: a modern take on the preppy office style mixed with a little rock & roll.
lg_524c4d63-d2c4-40d0-b799-052a0aa613dbAnd so my style revolution started, with some pretty good highs and some very terrible lows, but hey taste doesn’t grow over night! I purchased fake nerd glasses, because people were calling me that already so thought I’d better own the title. Then I started wearing blazers, slim fit clothes, beanies, skirts, highwaisted shorts, dresses and even high heels. Believe me I tried almost everything in the book to the point that I even started sewing my own clothes. Urban, minimalist, la garconne, colourblocking: you name it, I did it! So it has taken me quite a while to figure out what works for my personality, body shape, skin shade and at which stores I could get the desired clothes and accessories with the right value for my money. And today is your lucky day because I’m going to share the basics of great style with you so you can take a shortcut in your own personal style revolution!

Back to basics
hm-2011-autumnwinter-2011-13I apply the four S’es when, shopping, dressing or styling. Simple, smart, sexy and sophisticated.
Simple: I’ve noticed that very complicated styles don’t work for me,  I don’t feel comfortable moving in them. And because I’m a active person feeling restricted from movement doesn’t make life easier, that’s why less is more has been my motto for the past years. But if layers work for you, go for it! Just don’t feel the burden to do so.
Smart: I love dressing smart, like literally. Blazers, chino’s, briefcase and everything. But by smart I actually mean ‘know how to look your best’. That means detect your flaws and your strong points. Accentuate your strengths, disguise your weaknesses  and get a more ‘put together’ overall look.
Sexy: I think confidence is what makes a outfit sexy, even if you’re wearing a garbage bag. As long as you feel great in what you wear it is totally going to shine through (not that I’m now encouraging you to start wearing garbage bags!).
Sophisticated: Set yourself apart from the masses and be elegant and classy. No need to be flashy to get noticed. Make sure the items of choice are in  harmony with each other in color and snit.

Make it work
Before you can apply the S’es correctly it’s important to know what body type you are.

I’d like to refer to the twelve body types that were defined by Trinny and Susannah, two renowned British fashion stylists. Click on the link to learn more about what works for your shape. Don’t take it too literal though, everybody is unique and you  have to try different things before you know for sure that something doesn’t work for you.

Yes guys, you got a specific body shape too and it wouldn’t hurt to know which type you are. I’d like to refer you to two different links, one general and one more specific site.

General must haves

  • Black slim-fit jeans
  • Blue jeans
  • White t-shirt/tanktop
  • Black t-shirt/tanktop
  • Basic blouse (preferably slim- fit)
  • Timeless jumper
  • Blazer
  • Long jacket
  • Short jacket
  • A pair of dress shoes (loafers or heels for the ladies)
  • A pair of casual/neutral shoes (everyday wear)

Start with the basics to get your renewed style going,  it’s important however to keep in mind that your follow up purchases will be combinable with the wardrobe you already have otherwise you’ll be spending more money than needed. My advise is to go to  ‘actual’ stores at first, when you’ve figured out which brands, fits and colors work for you, you can start ordering online and make more expensive investments.
Whatever you do, remember that fashion fades and taste is here to stay. Have fun styling and stay tuned for the follow up!

See you at Highlight

XXL International post: Valentine special

Hi Guys!

Today I’m finally doing a international post again because love is universal and Valentines day is the perfect moment to spread a lot of it.
What’s different about this post is that it’s Extra Extra Large, this means that I will be adding all the aspects of different types of Highlight posts into one really big one. For the unregular readers this means comedy, beauty, fashion, a few interesting facts and of course a whole lot of love!  So if you are unsure what to do or who to spend your Valentine with: No worries, happy single or happily bound, Highlight is going to give you some tools from the first hand to make your Valentines Day the most memorable you ever had!
Happy happy Valentines Day in advance everyone!

Don’t hope your Valentine turns out as In-Grids relationship, but I’m happy hers turned out that way though, I’ve been loving this song since it came out! Enjoy!

Three things you should know about Valentines Day
So what do we really know about Valentines Day? Most people know
that you can exchange cards, giveaway a rose or a bouquet, or bribe someone to love you by giving them too much chocolate… Let’s see how strong your Valentines knowledge is!

  1. Did you know that in the Middle Ages, men and women drew names from a cup to see who their Valentine would be? They would wear those names for a week on their sleeves for everyone to see. In the English language you can find the traces of this old habit in the phrase- “to wear your heart on your sleeve”.
  2. wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve1An old superstition says that the type of bird that you see on Valentines Day predicts the personality of your future husband.
    Starling: a poor man
    Goldfinch: a millionaire
    Blackbird: a priest or spiritual man
    Crossbill: an argumentative man
    Robin: a man who fights crime
    Owl: no man, you’ll be an old spinster
    Seeing pigeons on Valentine says nothing about the kind of man you’ll marry, but it is a prelude to a long and happy marriage.
  3. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were tortured. There is one legend that says hat Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he forbade marriage for young men. Valentine, realized the injustice of this decision, and secretly continued to perform marriages for young lovers. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he should be put to death.

Valentine Comedy
Sit back, relax, have a great laugh and get into the loving mood because Highlight is just getting started!

Making Valentine memorable
A bit nervous because it’s your first Valentines Day actually being bound to someone? How exciting! Congrats! So now you must be thinking, “Great great, thanks a lot, but give me some proper advice on what I could do to make it a memorable day Highlight“, you could have guessed that was exactly what I was thinking too! I’m a romantic at heart, so I did some work for you guys because I hope your Valentine turns out wonderful.

Playing the Game
How you choose to celebrate your Valentines Day depends on your character and your lovers character of course. I decided to do give you tips on three types of dates, the Classic date, the Adventurous date and the Romantic date. Surely there are many other types of dates, but I’m focussing on these three because I think almost anyone would enjoy at least one of the three.

Classic Date
I’m started off with the Classic date because it’s safe and hard to mess up. There are two ways of doing it: Going out for dinner or Cooking dinner at your home.

  • Going out for dinner
    Guys please, bring your A-game and look sharp. Make sure your hair is cut, your facial hair is trimmed, you have your cologne on, and your clothes are appropriate. Pick your girl or boy up in time, if there is one day we do NOT want to be waiting it’s Valentines Day. Reserve at an intimate restaurant, and make sure it fits your budget but especially your personal taste. Plan a fun surprise for during the dinner, like a little firework or a song you’ve written yourself to play. I’m just brainstorming with you, it’s up to you to make it memorable.
  • Cooking dinner at home
    You first have to decide how you are going to do it. Are going to do a surprise dinner? Or are you going to cook together and then enjoy the meal, either way should be fun. Make sure the setting is romantic by switching off most lights and lighting the whole room with candles. Add a nice little musical undertone, and I think you can’t go wrong, enjoy!

Adventurous Date
I guess you guys like some action and want to be original for a change, you’re not just doing a dinner.. NO, you are going all the way.
If you got the money to spend you could do a trip with a air balloon and make a nice picnic  basket with some home made treats, don’t forget to bring some roses too!
You could also decide to spend your date with other couples you are befriended with and go for example for a paintball fight! It’s fun, interactive and very adventurous, I know I wouldn’t turn that offer down! So go get yourself a little dirty and enjoy a good meal afterwards, that’s one Valentines Day he or she will never forget!

Romantic Date
I guess the Romanic date and the Classic date are similar, but the Romantic one is for the people who really want to stand out. By that I mean, be original, show him or her that you really tried to make some effort. Take a boat ride or dine on a floating ship and let them play his or her favorite song whiles you hand out your present, or blindfold your partner and take them to a surprise place where you have like written a message with rose leaves (just brainstorming). Cancel all your appointments and sweep her/him of their feet and take them away for a long weekend… Just popping some ideas here, and I hope you will continue my brainstorm. I’m sure you’ll make it the most romantic Valentines Day ever!

Does all the above not apply to you? So what! There are so many other things you can do on Valentines Day, don’t forget Valentines Day is also a moment to be thankful for your friends and family. Write them a card, give them a box with chocolates or just be a good friend and go for a visit. Maybe you can cook dinner together and watch a corny Valentine Movie on TV, and who knows who you’ll be with next year this time. You are single and fabulous, never forget!

Highlight’s Upcoming Youtube Talents
All the regular Updaters know that I love to promote talented singers from all around the globe with my Upcoming Youtube Talent posts. I’ve chosen three covers for you to listen to, for a change I’m not showing multiple covers of the same song, but multiple songs and just one cover of each. I hope you enjoy!

Get the Valentine Look
One of the things that can make or break your Valentine Date is the way you look. You can call it superficial or something, but let’s be honest it’s flattering if someone really tries his/her best to look gorge for you. Because we all know how awkward it is to come underdressed I’m going to help you get the party started!

Hi lovely guys, struggling with a great outfit? Take it from me, there’s a right outfit for every event and I’m going to help you style your look!
First of all, where are you going? Cooking diner at home or dining in a restaurant? It’s very important that you make the right impression and the right look could help. Make sure you know what attire is appropriate for your event. Click below to see some pictures to get your ideas going.

I’ve realized that there are a whole lot of beauty tutorials out there and I started to question myself: Isn’t there something like that for men? Well, there is! I did a little research and a found a mens-style guru, who’s tips I’m happy to share with you. You needn’t take everything he says literally, but I think he says some really sensible things overall. I hope this will help you chose an outfit that will enhance your features and complement your build.

Haha this is how not to prepare yourselves guys!

Hi beautiful ladies! As you all know you can only make a jaw dropping entrance once, so when you do it, do it well . I’ve looked up a few cute looks that can get your idea flow started, but whatever you do: Keep it classy!

Here are two make-up tutorials, the first one is by a aspiring beauty-looks tutorial maker: And this is her very first video! Give her some support and check out her channel.
I’ve actually chosen these two because all the make-up is low budget, you can look great at any price, always keep that in mind!

Thanks for visiting Highlight!
I’m very happy you all tuned in for my Valentines Day XXL post, and I hope to see you around some more! Comment below in the comment box if you enjoyed the post and would like to see XXL posts more often or if you have some great topics I could post about for a next time. Have an amazing time lovelies!

Bisous de moi!

One of my favorite tunes, enjoy!

Feisty Color Alarm: Turquoise!

Hi Guys!

As promised my first international post! Today it’s all about feisty colors, and if there is one color that get’s my temperature rising… it’s turquoise. Why I love the color so much? It looks good on almost anyone and for almost every event.

The color had a highlight season in 2010, but kept low profile afterwards. Now turquoise has made an re-entrance in the spring/summer collections of this year and is hotter then ever. Everything is allowed, from shoes, to coats, chinos: you name it! To get you inspired, of course it was necessary to get my hands a little dirty.
So here another Highlight Update to freshen up your mind, buckle up your seat belts and see what spring/summer, autumn winter and turquoise have to offer us this year.

Get inspired

Gucci 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo 2012
Dries van Noten 2012

Ready to wear
I love watching runway, but most of us just can’t afford any of it, luckily there are are less expensive alternatives, I looked up a few examples for you. Enjoy!
If you are searching for certain items you’ve seen in the slideshow you should check out the Zara, Steps or Thakoon online webshop.

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

Menswear s/s 2012 XXL post

Mannen! Vandaag een post geheel aan jullie gewijd! Ik heb al voor langere tijd een fascinatie wat mannenmode betreft maar merkte dat er relatief weinig aandacht aan besteed wordt op fashion en lifestyle blogs. Dit vind ik jammer omdat herenmode sterk in opkomst is en veel potentieel heeft. Als ik een winkel inloop doe ik gewoontegetrouw nog gauw een rondje op de herenafdeling, je weet maar nooit wat voor waanzinnige styling ingevingen je krijgt tijdens het kijken.
Het mooie van mannenmode is  dat het nog pril is waardoor er nog ruimte is om te experimenteren en grenzen te verleggen in zowel concept als vormgeving. Bovendien viel mijn getrainde trendoog op dat menswear trends regelmatig terug vertaald worden in een vrouwenvariant. Kijk gauw mee met mijn season favorites en doe inspiratie op voor je eigen garderobe.

Rock & Royalty
Fashionable met een rauw randje, dat is de Rock en Royalty look wel. Het is een tijdloze look, mits het goed gedaan wordt. Hier een aantal voorbeelden van rockende outfits.

Alexander McQueen s/s 2012
Alexander McQueen s/s 2012
Alexander McQueen s/s 2012

Into the wild
Dit seizoen wordt de innerlijke avonturier herontdekt. Kaki beige, shorts en de survival look staan hierin centraal. Vergeet vooral je hippe zonnebril niet om jouw eigen ontdekkingsreizigers look compleet te maken!

Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2012
Antonio Azzuolo s/s 2012
Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2012

Heftige schouderlijnen? Gestroomlijnde blazers? Niets is luxe en stoer genoeg voor deze tijdloze trend. Houd je van een rustig silhouet, of speel je liever met verschillende laagjes? Voor iedereen is er wel een passende variant te bedenken, laat je inspireren en ga daarna snel opzoek naar jouw eigen ideale powerlook.

Ann Deulemeester s/s 2012
Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2012
Ann Deulemeester s/s 2012
Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2012

Ontwerpers halen dit seizoen de inspiratie voor hun ontwerpen uit het verre oosten. Exotische prints, mooi gesneden broeken en fashionable sjaals zijn het eindresultaat.
Klaar om jezelf in oosterse luxe onder te dompelen? Kijk en leer mannen.

Canali s/s 2012
Canali s/s 2012
Canali s/s 2012

De jeugdcultuur uit de jaren 50 blijft ook dit seizoen domineren, een blazer met reverskraag in combinatie met een stoere vetkuif, een stel mooie oppoetsbare schoenen, een bijpassende air en je bent er helemaal klaar voor.

Moschino s/s 2012
Adam Kimmel s/s 2012
Moschino s/s 2012

Bohemian chique
Bohemian is beter bekend onder de naam ‘zwerverlook’. Doormiddel van lagen en het mixen en matchen van vintage en nieuwe items creëer jij je eigen trash chique look. De kunst is om het zo nonchalant  en cool mogelijk te brengen, bij deze look is de attitude zowaar nog belangrijker de kleding zelf. Rock that garbage look guys!

Ann Deulemeester s/s 2012
Ann Deulemeester s/s 2012
Ann Deulemeester s/s 2012

Less is more
Waarschijnlijk de meest universele stijl, niet teveel poespas en down to the point.
Vergeet niet dat eenvoudige elegantie waarschijnlijk nog een van de moeilijkste dingen is om te stylen, dus hoewel dit als de ideale oplossing uit lucht kan komen vallen, onderschat de schijnbare eenvoud niet. Doe je huiswerk.

Acne s/s 2012
Acne s/s 2012
Acne s/s 2012

The resort look
De laatste maar zeker niet de minste the resort look. Basically de rijke vakantieganger look. De hoofdkenmerken zijn frisse zomers tinten zoals helderblauw, gebroken wit, oranje en kaki beige om maar een aantal voorbeelden te noemen. Dit is over het algemeen een gepolijste look, als je houdt van een preppy stijl dan is het wellicht leuk om een eigen twist op deze trend te doen aankomende zomer.

Antonio Azzuolo s/s 2012
Alexander McQueen s/s 2012
Antonio Azuollo s/s 2012

Hopelijk hebben jullie ook jeukende handen gekregen. Volgend seizoen is Highlight Update weer terug met een XXL menswear post, tot die tijd zal ik jullie regelmatig blijven updaten met mens streetstyle en lifestyle posten.