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Beauty: Top 5 favorite products

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my very first beauty post! Today I’m going to line up a few of my favorite everyday beauty products. I’m going to tell you why they are my favorite, how long I’ve been using them, where you can find them and if they will work for you as well! All the products can be used for both men and women.

Avène eau Thermale Cleanance gel gel-cleanance
Oh my, I would move to Paris in a heartbeat if that would mean that I could get my hands on more of that good stuff Avène has to offer! Even though I’ve always been lucky to have good skin, when puberty  started to catch up with me when I was around the age of 15, my journey for the perfect skin product begun. Easy, not too expensive and effective were my key terms. And I found just all of that in Avène.  I first bought a flacon of the cleanser when I was in Paris in 2009, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I was searching for something that would help me regain my fresh and healthy look. Because you know what they say, your face is like your business card!

For who?
On the site it says that the product is for people with oily or blemished skin, but anybody can use the cleanser actually.  The cleanser  is a soap-free, parabens-free gel that gently cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. The natural main ingredient (Cucurbita pepo) minimizes excessive tallow and the Avène Thermal spring water (that is an ingredient in all  Avènes products) is soothing and anti-irritant, and will give your skin an instant feel good feeling. With the handy dosing cup on top, the right amount of gel can be measured for appliance on both face and body. I personally  only apply it on my face & neckline.

Where to buy?
Avène can only be bought at pharmacies, and the price ranges between the 15 to 20 euros. Check the official Avène site to find a sales point nearby!

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Garnier-Intensive-7-Days-Body-Milk-Shea-Butter-for-Extra-Dry-Skin-178998.jpg?o=EFzvChzCiaTUNqzJr3rtjRDMuvAj&V=8KKh&q=70
I  got myself a flacon of Garnier 7 Days for the first time when it was on clearance at my local drugstore last summer. I hadn’t read anything about it prior tot that. But I just happened to need a new body lotion, and the brand I was using before the Intensive 7 Days of Garnier was nowhere to be found. The description promised me smoother skin in 7 days and although I was a little critical at first, I’ve been hooked ever since.

For who?
There are ‘Intensive 7 Days’ flacons for three skin types: normal, dry and very dry skin. So there is no reason to not try it at least once! I’m using the Intensive 7 Days with Shea butter and L-Bifidus for the very dry skin. I love that the lotion is rich in texture, but not greasy (like most of the lotions for dry skin). The skin absorbs the lotion very quickly and keeps you hydrated all day.

Where to buy?
You can buy Garnier Intensive 7 Days at most of the drugstores, but to be certain where their sales points are you can also check their website. The price ranges from 4 to 5 euros depending on the type of lotion you need.

Nivea Pure Effect Wash Off 892011113129_4005808148349
For removing my make-up I usually use wipes. It’s quick and easy, but I’ve noticed however that my eyelashes hurt when I’m trying to remove my eye-make with them. Even worse, with the wipes I’m unable to remove all of my  make-up. That’s why I decided to try the Nivea Pure Effect Wash Off gel. Niveas Pure Effect Wash Off is a oil-free gel that doesn’t only cleanse the skin from impurities, oil and make-up, it also helps preventing impurities. The gel is so mild that the skin doesn’t dry out. It doesn’t hurt my eyes/eyelashes, smells good and leaves my facial skin feeling  clean and fresh, I couldn’t be happier!

For who?
For everybody who wears make-up and wants a easy and effective way to clean their faces.

Where to buy?
Niveas Pure Effect Wash Off gel can be bought at most of the local drugstores. The price ranges from 6 to 7 euros.

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
Every year around autumn/winter my lip drama starts all over. Painfully cracked lips due to dryness, and all of that.  I previously used a lip balm of No 7, but  I couldn’t find it in local stores  so I just checked the store shelves to see what I could find. That’s how I found the Blistex Daily Lip balm, I wasn’t familiar with the brand  at first, but the description looked good and now it’s part of my daily routine! The Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner contains vitamin E, aloe vera, olive, grapeseed oil and has SPF 15. The lipbalm is hydrating, nourishing, soothing, resorative and will keep your lips in great condition. 

For who?
For everyone with dry lips! Check the Blistex official site to see which lip balm works best for you. The Daily Lip Conditioner can also be used as a base for lipstick.

Where to buy?
Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner can be bought at most of the local drugstores. The price ranges from 2 to 4 euros.

Palmolive Thermal Mineral Massage
Last but not least is the Palmolive Thermal Mineral Massage shower gel. I’ve just recently started using it and the results are really amazing. The unique combination of Dead sea extract and aloe vera gently peels of  dead skin cells and leaves your body feeling silky smooth.  Apply a body lotion after using the shower gel to get the maximum effect.

For who?
Anybody can use the shower gel, but I highly recommend it to people with dry skin. The improvements in softness of your skin will start in just a few days.

Where to buy?
Palmolive Thermal Mineral Massage shower gel is part of the Thermal collection by Palmolive. Check the official website to compare the different shower gels. The price ranges from 2 to 3 euros for the 250 ml flacon.

These were my top 5 of favorite everyday beauty products! I’ve only used information from the official websites (see the links above) and  my personal experiences with the products.

If  you have products that you highly recommend, let me know by commenting below!

See you at Highlight


XXL International post: Valentine special

Hi Guys!

Today I’m finally doing a international post again because love is universal and Valentines day is the perfect moment to spread a lot of it.
What’s different about this post is that it’s Extra Extra Large, this means that I will be adding all the aspects of different types of Highlight posts into one really big one. For the unregular readers this means comedy, beauty, fashion, a few interesting facts and of course a whole lot of love!  So if you are unsure what to do or who to spend your Valentine with: No worries, happy single or happily bound, Highlight is going to give you some tools from the first hand to make your Valentines Day the most memorable you ever had!
Happy happy Valentines Day in advance everyone!

Don’t hope your Valentine turns out as In-Grids relationship, but I’m happy hers turned out that way though, I’ve been loving this song since it came out! Enjoy!

Three things you should know about Valentines Day
So what do we really know about Valentines Day? Most people know
that you can exchange cards, giveaway a rose or a bouquet, or bribe someone to love you by giving them too much chocolate… Let’s see how strong your Valentines knowledge is!

  1. Did you know that in the Middle Ages, men and women drew names from a cup to see who their Valentine would be? They would wear those names for a week on their sleeves for everyone to see. In the English language you can find the traces of this old habit in the phrase- “to wear your heart on your sleeve”.
  2. wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve1An old superstition says that the type of bird that you see on Valentines Day predicts the personality of your future husband.
    Starling: a poor man
    Goldfinch: a millionaire
    Blackbird: a priest or spiritual man
    Crossbill: an argumentative man
    Robin: a man who fights crime
    Owl: no man, you’ll be an old spinster
    Seeing pigeons on Valentine says nothing about the kind of man you’ll marry, but it is a prelude to a long and happy marriage.
  3. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were tortured. There is one legend that says hat Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he forbade marriage for young men. Valentine, realized the injustice of this decision, and secretly continued to perform marriages for young lovers. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he should be put to death.

Valentine Comedy
Sit back, relax, have a great laugh and get into the loving mood because Highlight is just getting started!

Making Valentine memorable
A bit nervous because it’s your first Valentines Day actually being bound to someone? How exciting! Congrats! So now you must be thinking, “Great great, thanks a lot, but give me some proper advice on what I could do to make it a memorable day Highlight“, you could have guessed that was exactly what I was thinking too! I’m a romantic at heart, so I did some work for you guys because I hope your Valentine turns out wonderful.

Playing the Game
How you choose to celebrate your Valentines Day depends on your character and your lovers character of course. I decided to do give you tips on three types of dates, the Classic date, the Adventurous date and the Romantic date. Surely there are many other types of dates, but I’m focussing on these three because I think almost anyone would enjoy at least one of the three.

Classic Date
I’m started off with the Classic date because it’s safe and hard to mess up. There are two ways of doing it: Going out for dinner or Cooking dinner at your home.

  • Going out for dinner
    Guys please, bring your A-game and look sharp. Make sure your hair is cut, your facial hair is trimmed, you have your cologne on, and your clothes are appropriate. Pick your girl or boy up in time, if there is one day we do NOT want to be waiting it’s Valentines Day. Reserve at an intimate restaurant, and make sure it fits your budget but especially your personal taste. Plan a fun surprise for during the dinner, like a little firework or a song you’ve written yourself to play. I’m just brainstorming with you, it’s up to you to make it memorable.
  • Cooking dinner at home
    You first have to decide how you are going to do it. Are going to do a surprise dinner? Or are you going to cook together and then enjoy the meal, either way should be fun. Make sure the setting is romantic by switching off most lights and lighting the whole room with candles. Add a nice little musical undertone, and I think you can’t go wrong, enjoy!

Adventurous Date
I guess you guys like some action and want to be original for a change, you’re not just doing a dinner.. NO, you are going all the way.
If you got the money to spend you could do a trip with a air balloon and make a nice picnic  basket with some home made treats, don’t forget to bring some roses too!
You could also decide to spend your date with other couples you are befriended with and go for example for a paintball fight! It’s fun, interactive and very adventurous, I know I wouldn’t turn that offer down! So go get yourself a little dirty and enjoy a good meal afterwards, that’s one Valentines Day he or she will never forget!

Romantic Date
I guess the Romanic date and the Classic date are similar, but the Romantic one is for the people who really want to stand out. By that I mean, be original, show him or her that you really tried to make some effort. Take a boat ride or dine on a floating ship and let them play his or her favorite song whiles you hand out your present, or blindfold your partner and take them to a surprise place where you have like written a message with rose leaves (just brainstorming). Cancel all your appointments and sweep her/him of their feet and take them away for a long weekend… Just popping some ideas here, and I hope you will continue my brainstorm. I’m sure you’ll make it the most romantic Valentines Day ever!

Does all the above not apply to you? So what! There are so many other things you can do on Valentines Day, don’t forget Valentines Day is also a moment to be thankful for your friends and family. Write them a card, give them a box with chocolates or just be a good friend and go for a visit. Maybe you can cook dinner together and watch a corny Valentine Movie on TV, and who knows who you’ll be with next year this time. You are single and fabulous, never forget!

Highlight’s Upcoming Youtube Talents
All the regular Updaters know that I love to promote talented singers from all around the globe with my Upcoming Youtube Talent posts. I’ve chosen three covers for you to listen to, for a change I’m not showing multiple covers of the same song, but multiple songs and just one cover of each. I hope you enjoy!

Get the Valentine Look
One of the things that can make or break your Valentine Date is the way you look. You can call it superficial or something, but let’s be honest it’s flattering if someone really tries his/her best to look gorge for you. Because we all know how awkward it is to come underdressed I’m going to help you get the party started!

Hi lovely guys, struggling with a great outfit? Take it from me, there’s a right outfit for every event and I’m going to help you style your look!
First of all, where are you going? Cooking diner at home or dining in a restaurant? It’s very important that you make the right impression and the right look could help. Make sure you know what attire is appropriate for your event. Click below to see some pictures to get your ideas going.

I’ve realized that there are a whole lot of beauty tutorials out there and I started to question myself: Isn’t there something like that for men? Well, there is! I did a little research and a found a mens-style guru, who’s tips I’m happy to share with you. You needn’t take everything he says literally, but I think he says some really sensible things overall. I hope this will help you chose an outfit that will enhance your features and complement your build.

Haha this is how not to prepare yourselves guys!

Hi beautiful ladies! As you all know you can only make a jaw dropping entrance once, so when you do it, do it well . I’ve looked up a few cute looks that can get your idea flow started, but whatever you do: Keep it classy!

Here are two make-up tutorials, the first one is by a aspiring beauty-looks tutorial maker: And this is her very first video! Give her some support and check out her channel.
I’ve actually chosen these two because all the make-up is low budget, you can look great at any price, always keep that in mind!

Thanks for visiting Highlight!
I’m very happy you all tuned in for my Valentines Day XXL post, and I hope to see you around some more! Comment below in the comment box if you enjoyed the post and would like to see XXL posts more often or if you have some great topics I could post about for a next time. Have an amazing time lovelies!

Bisous de moi!

One of my favorite tunes, enjoy!

International Post: Highlight Update Free Give away

Hi Guys,

How are you doing today? You know how you sometimes aren’t really in the mood to be up and active, especially not for something you dislike to do. In my case that would be grocery shopping, I actually put it off as long as I can. And dear god I know it’s a bad habbit to have, so I’ve decided to better my life and made up a game to make things I dislike a little bit more fun.
When I go grocery shopping for example I will take a budget of approximately 15 euros, and I’ll try to shop as much as I can for that price. And really I’m not kidding, I’ll run through the shop and pass the same ail 4 times, sometimes even come back for a fifth, and because women are so called multitask hero’s I will be heavily calculating the prices whiles I’m running of course. By the time I actually get to the cash desk all my adrenaline has completely disappeared and I’m only able to anxiously stare…waiting for my total price to pop up. Although I’m not a rocket scientist at math, 8 out of 10 times I actually pull my budget price off and that always feels like a win-win for everyone: They win, I win, my wallet wins and starting from today YOU could be a winner too!
Keep on reading!

Highlight x Argento = Free Give Away Competition
Highlight Update understands that December is a though month. All those presents don’t pay themselves, unfortunately. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas outfits that have to be sought for, with matching shoes and fancy… Jewellery!
That’s right, our great friends at Argento Contemporary Jewellery are already in a jolly mood and are giving a way this amazing bracelet for free.

Follow the 5 steps below and maybe you (or a *girl* friend) will soon be the lucky owner of this braclet and strutting her stuff in style these Holidays. But no worries, as I said earlier at Highlight everyone always wins! Argento has made a special discount code of 20 %  available for all Highlight Update readers, so follow the steps and get your discount!

  1. Like Argento’s Facebook Page & Highlight Updates Facebook Page 
  2. Copy the link of this post and share it on your own Facebook page, and get as much of friends as possible to share the link you posted.
  3. Follow Highlight Update via email or Bloglovin (see the buttons on the right side of the homepage)
  4. Comment below in the comment box why you deserve to win the disco ball bracelet and add your email address and name to it.
    Remember: The most creative comment wins!
  5. And last but not least, mail me at highlight after you’ve completed de previous 4 steps to get access to your 20% discount code, because after all: All Updaters are winners! (click on one of the Argento banners on the right side of the page to start the shopping experience)

Goodluck everyone, I’m already looking forward to all your creative comments.

Much love as always

Premature hair loss, what do I do?

Hi Guys!

Een van de dingen die jullie zeker meer gaan zien op Highlight Update is het bespreken van controversiële dingen, dingen die onuitgesproken blijven omdat er een zeker taboe op rust. Want dingen die wat ‘out the ordinary’ zijn blijken mijn aandacht namelijk vast te kunnen houden als superlijm. Over het volgende onderwerp denk ik al tijden na, maar voor jullie ben ik er speciaal ingedoken en heb mezelf fatsoenlijk ingelezen. Want zeg nou zelf, beginnende kaalheid is nou niet iets waar men dagelijks over praat, non?

I’m just losing it
In onze Westerse samenleving is er een diepgeworteld geloof dat de jeugd zo lang mogelijk behouden moet blijven. Alle tekenen van ouderdom zijn taboe en moeten dus ook verbannen worden middels haarkleuring, antirimpel smeersels uit allerlei potjes, zonnebank kuurtjes (wat overigens averechts werkt), en alles wat begint te hangen enigszins een liftende hand toe te steken. Nee, ouder worden schijnt beslist geen goede zaak te zijn in onze maatschappij.

Maar wanneer je nog jong bent, nog zeker onder de 25 en je merkt op een dag dat je hoofdhaar op bepaalde plaatsen lichter begroeid begint te worden kun je niet ontkennen dat je zowat een hartstilstand krijgt. Het verliezen van je haar lijkt het begin van het einde, want aan wie moet je hulp vragen, je voelt je enigszins beschaamt en kiest ervoor het zoveel mogelijk te verbergen door je haar op een bepaalde manier te stylen, het af te knippen of af te scheren, of door hoofddeksels te gaan dragen. Maar niets helpt… tot aan nu!

Befriending the enemy
De remedie is in zicht vrienden, Highlight Update is speciaal voor jullie op onderzoek gegaan om de beste manieren te vinden om de vijand te vriend te maken.

Hier een aantal facts and figures
Je haar groeit gewoon door bij ‘kaalheid’, je wordt niet kaal, je haar wordt kleiner.

  1. 1 op de 3 jongeren heeft last van plaatselijke kaalheid door extreme haaruitval, dit komt voornamelijk door omgevingsstress. Het gevolg hiervan je dat je lichaam steeds meer ‘radicalen’ gaat produceren en hierdoor gaan je haren uitvallen.
  2. Een andere veel voorkomende oorzaak is een ijzertekort, de eerste stap in de strijd tegen haar verlies is volgens wetenschappers je vitaminegehaltes nagaan met een bloedtest.
  3. Testosteron in combinatie met een ander hormoon DHT, zijn de triggers die ervoor zorgen dat de groeifase van het haar verkort wordt. Deze hormonen worden bij jongens vanaf de pubertijd geproduceerd.

What to do?

  1. Neem vitaminesupplementen, of nog beter: Zorg voor een gevarieerd dieet met veel eiwitten. Door vlees (runds en lamsvlees wordt hierbij van harte aanbevolen), vis en eieren wordt je haar sterker. Voor niet-vlees eters kan de oplossing gevonden worden in yoghurt, magere melk en noten met een grote hoeveelheid omega-3.
  2. Volle granen kunnen wel degelijk een verschil maken, ze voeden je haar met zink, ijzer en vitamine B. Wees oplettend, de juiste broodsoort kan al het verschil maken.
  3. Wie geen liefhebber is van oesters kan eens een heerlijke salade rijk aan wortelen proberen, wortelen zitten vol vitamine A, een antioxidant die noodzakelijk is om je volle haardos te behouden.
  4. Loop je familiegeschiedenis na, zowel die van je opa’s als oma’s kant, wanneer het in de genen zit heb je waarschijnlijk professionele hulp nodig om het uitdunnen tegen te kunnen gaan.
  5. Probeer je tot slot voldoende te ontspannen, een leven vol stress doet je gezondheid en vooral je haar zeker geen goed. Neem dagelijks even wat tijd voor jezelf om bij te komen van de dag. Dit is de nummer een remedie tegen haarverlies.

Goodluck en zorg goed voor jezelf!