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International Post: Highlight Update Free Give away

Hi Guys,

How are you doing today? You know how you sometimes aren’t really in the mood to be up and active, especially not for something you dislike to do. In my case that would be grocery shopping, I actually put it off as long as I can. And dear god I know it’s a bad habbit to have, so I’ve decided to better my life and made up a game to make things I dislike a little bit more fun.
When I go grocery shopping for example I will take a budget of approximately 15 euros, and I’ll try to shop as much as I can for that price. And really I’m not kidding, I’ll run through the shop and pass the same ail 4 times, sometimes even come back for a fifth, and because women are so called multitask hero’s I will be heavily calculating the prices whiles I’m running of course. By the time I actually get to the cash desk all my adrenaline has completely disappeared and I’m only able to anxiously stare…waiting for my total price to pop up. Although I’m not a rocket scientist at math, 8 out of 10 times I actually pull my budget price off and that always feels like a win-win for everyone: They win, I win, my wallet wins and starting from today YOU could be a winner too!
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Highlight x Argento = Free Give Away Competition
Highlight Update understands that December is a though month. All those presents don’t pay themselves, unfortunately. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas outfits that have to be sought for, with matching shoes and fancy… Jewellery!
That’s right, our great friends at Argento Contemporary Jewellery are already in a jolly mood and are giving a way this amazing bracelet for free.

Follow the 5 steps below and maybe you (or a *girl* friend) will soon be the lucky owner of this braclet and strutting her stuff in style these Holidays. But no worries, as I said earlier at Highlight everyone always wins! Argento has made a special discount code of 20 %  available for all Highlight Update readers, so follow the steps and get your discount!

  1. Like Argento’s Facebook Page & Highlight Updates Facebook Page 
  2. Copy the link of this post and share it on your own Facebook page, and get as much of friends as possible to share the link you posted.
  3. Follow Highlight Update via email or Bloglovin (see the buttons on the right side of the homepage)
  4. Comment below in the comment box why you deserve to win the disco ball bracelet and add your email address and name to it.
    Remember: The most creative comment wins!
  5. And last but not least, mail me at highlight after you’ve completed de previous 4 steps to get access to your 20% discount code, because after all: All Updaters are winners! (click on one of the Argento banners on the right side of the page to start the shopping experience)

Goodluck everyone, I’m already looking forward to all your creative comments.

Much love as always