Mens Post: The Cutting Edge

Hi Guys!

quiffIt seems like the weather is clearing up in my rainy country, the sun actually greets me when I wake up in the morning and it feels amazing. The temperature is rising, I see people smiling more often and there is more color in the stores… can you hear the summer calling too? Well, that the weather predictions aren’t exactly reliable but that doesn’t mean that we can’t longingly glance in the near future! So what hairdo are you going to rock this summer? A big chop, a edgy cut or you just don’t know it yet? Highlight is hooking you up with some fresh new haircuts! Pay attention, and see how you can wow the crowd!

How to do it right
I’m going to give you a line up of a few popular hairstyles of 2013, keep in mind that there are different variations possible. You can use the information below as a starting point for your quest to the perfect do.
I will mostly be talking about the undercut hairstyle today, because it has been signaled as the next big hair thing this year. Don’t worry if you choose not to take on this style, there are other ways to look fresh since there are numerous trends going on. But whatever haircut you decide to do, keep these little things in mind:

  1. Face Shape
    Do not underestimate the power of your face, your face is like your business card, it is the first impression people get when they meet you. So make sure your hairstyle enhances your best features, because you wouldn’t like to receive a sloppy business card either, now would you?
  2. Hair type & thickness
    It is important to consider your hair type and it’s thickness. If you have thinning hair for example a undercut could be a great look for you because your upper hair looks optically thicker. When you have frizzy or curly hair you have to keep in mind that your haircut may turn out differently then on the picture. Don’t be disappointed but work with it and make it your own, remember that you are unique.
  3. Personality & personal style
    Since hair has such a prominent place in a mans appearance it’s a strong tool to use for your personal style. Classic, edgy, retro: you decide in which light you want to be seen. For business reasons it can be wise to think your hairstyle over (is it representable?), but if you don’t have third party you have to consider: go ahead and experiment. Amaze yourself!
  4. Facial hair
    So you don’t want your facial hair to be prevalent when just got your hair cut. Try to get a happy balance between the two, by trimming or shaving your facial hair so you can strengthen your overall look.
  5. Age
    Some hairstyles are classic and can be worn by men of different ages. The undercut style however has been known to be worn by men in their early twenties to thirties. Since the rise of the style in the 1920s it has been a statement look for young men everywhere. But age isn’t everything, mostly a number actually, make the cut more mature by keeping it very clean so nobody can make a fuss about it. A very appropriate style for work if done in a classic way.

The undercut has had a great revival in the last year, the hairdo is nevertheless still hot and happening in 2013. The biggest difference however is that the do’s are a bit shorter and fresher this year. It works best for men with straight thick hair or fine hair. When you have fine hair you can use a volumizer to make your hair look fuller, this way you can create a greater contrast between the sides of your head and the upper hair.

Side Swept

The side swept is making a reentrance this year. You can spice it up by adding a asymmetrical undercut, or by layering the the hair so you get a groomed look without looking too slick. See the pictures below to get inspired!

The Quiff

There are uncountable variations on the quiff and that’s why I personally adore the look. You can make it as edgy and over the top as you want by for example letting your top hair grow drastically and cutting your sides completely low, so the statement is more in your face. It all depends on what your personal style is. Whether you’re doing it low key or over the top, doesn’t really matter, just don’t forget to rock it!

Thin hair solutions

I really hate to say this but I have so often see men who try to hide their thin hair by choosing the wrong hairstyle. They desperately try to let it grow, but it actually accentuates the fact that the don’t have a great amount of hair. Are you one of those men? Lucky you! I got a few tips that could help you disguise your thinning temple.
Go for a shaved look, and make sure there is a significant height difference between your sides and your top head. This creates the illusion that your hair is thicker and makes you look fresher and mostly: younger.

Summer (short) Cut

Going for a summery short look with a little bit of surferdude swag? Then I think this could be a great look for you! Cut the sides shorter then your hair on top, just enough to create a dimension difference. There is no need to shave the sides off, but when you do, don’t shave your hair too low. Use wax to create a natural wave in your hair that you can restyle all day long. All you need now is a little bit of sunshine!

Black Men

There a so much different hairstyles for black men that it was quite difficult to choose.
I have chosen 4 different styles:

  1. Structured do
    The high structured look inspired by the 1990s and 1980s are hot and happening again with a little twist. By chopping a geometrical form out of your hair your do looks a lot edgier and especially more: 2013.
  2. Classic cut
    Love this cut, you can never go wrong with it. It looks: clean, polished and professional. You got yourself a timeless look right there!
  3. Mohawk
    We have been seeing a modern interpretation of the mohawk style a lot lately.
    The characteristics are very sharp shaved sides and nicely trimmed & curled top-hair. Add a little wax or gel and you should stand out in the crowd!
  4. Afro
    Afro has never been better than in 2013! Relive the golden days by growing yourself a funky afro, keep it stylish by not growing it out of proportions and trimming the contours sharply and creating a personal form.

Asian Men

Most of the hairstyles trends from above also apply to the Asian men, but what I did find noticeably different was the usage of fresh colors and layering in the cut.
Depending on your hair structure you could try anything, from side swept to undercut.
Don’t be afraid to do your own thing!

I hope you enjoyed my hairstyles trend report as much as I did writing it! If you are interested and would like to know some more about the discussed hairstyles: just click on the links below or in the description of the pictures I’ve used. Tips or recommendations for a following post? Just comment below in the comment box or mail me at

See you at Highlight, Ciao!



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