Feisty Color Alarm: Turquoise!

Hi Guys!

As promised my first international post! Today it’s all about feisty colors, and if there is one color that get’s my temperature rising… it’s turquoise. Why I love the color so much? It looks good on almost anyone and for almost every event.

The color had a highlight season in 2010, but kept low profile afterwards. Now turquoise has made an re-entrance in the spring/summer collections of this year and is hotter then ever. Everything is allowed, from shoes, to coats, chinos: you name it! To get you inspired, of course it was necessary to get my hands a little dirty.
So here another Highlight Update to freshen up your mind, buckle up your seat belts and see what spring/summer, autumn winter and turquoise have to offer us this year.

Get inspired

Gucci 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo 2012
Dries van Noten 2012

Ready to wear
I love watching runway, but most of us just can’t afford any of it, luckily there are are less expensive alternatives, I looked up a few examples for you. Enjoy!
If you are searching for certain items you’ve seen in the slideshow you should check out the Zara, Steps or Thakoon online webshop.

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

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